2012-2013 Chaptered Legislation


AB 422 – School Lunch Health Notice
AB 422 requires school districts to update the school lunch program to reflect the new healthcare coverage options available, as a result of the Affordable Care Act. This bill requires the school lunch program form to include information on the new California Health Benefit Exchange and the continued availability of Medi-Cal.


AB 442 – Minimum Wage Liquidated Damages
AB 442 expands the Labor Commissioner’s authority, after a citation, from a field investigation is issued to an employer for failure to pay minimum wages to his/her workers, to also recover and pay to the workers, the unpaid minimum wage liquidated damage. This bill ensures the administrative process provide a legal remedy for low-wage workers whose claims may not be sufficient to attract an attorney, which leaves the workers with no alternative other than an administrative hearing.


AB 501 – New Car Dealers Clean-Up
AB 501 is a clean-up bill that made several technical changes to the permitting and sale of vehicles. With the passage of AB 501, car dealerships are able to conduct business more efficiently and thus, spur economic development.


AB 650 – Natural Gas Services Program
AB 650 permits the NGS program to be expanded to also supply other fuel technologies, such as biomethane. This legislation preserves the existing contractual discounts achieved by state and local entities, such as higher education institutions, city halls, and hospitals. The Natural Gas Services program’s consolidated purchasing provides ongoing state savings of at least $7 million annually in reduced natural gas contract costs and streamlined administrative costs.

AB 850 – JPA Rate Reduction Bonds
AB 850 amended the Joint Powers Act to allow municipal water utilities to form JPAs.  AB 850 will result in interest savings, lower debt service and lower local borrowing costs, which will reduce future utility rate increases.

AB 1253 – Mobile Billboards
AB 1253 clarified that local governments may include “civil penalties” in an ordinance regulating mobile billboard advertising. Through the addition of civil penalties, cities will be able to use this method to generate revenue and disincentivize mobile advertising displays.


ACR 28 –  Armed Forces Day
ACR 28 honors and recognizes the unparalleled service and utmost sacrifice made by members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families. Specifically, this resolution designates May 18, 2013 as Armed Forces Day.