2013-2014 Legislation

As of June 30, 2014

Chaptered Legislation:

ACR 91 – Nowruz: The Persian New Year

ACR 91 joins the Persian and other communities throughout the state in celebrating March 20, 2014, as the beginning of the Persian New Year and extends best wishes for a peaceful and prosperous Nowruz to all Californians.

ACR 131 – Armed Forces Day

ACR 131 honors and recognizes the unparalleled service and utmost sacrifice made by members of the Armed Forces, veterans and their families. Specifically, this resolution designates May 17, 2014 as Armed Forces Day.

Bills making their way through the process:

AB 505 – Language Access Standards

This measure codifies in state law the language assistance requirements in Medi-Cal Managed Care Plans, as expressed through contracts with Department of Health Care Services. This bill will strengthen Limited English Proficient members’ access to quality health care. 

AB 505 passed the Assembly Floor, the Senate Health Committee, and the Senate Appropriations Committee and will be taken to the Senate Floor for a vote in the near future.

AB 612 – Charter Party Carriers

This measure is a consumer protection and public safety bill. It reinforces a minimum set of safety standards for all charter party carriers, whether or not they are hailed through an online/app device (app-based) by requiring all charter party carriers drivers to:
1.) Be enrolled in the DMV Employer Pull Notice Program.
2.) Participate in a DOJ background check.
3.) Participate in drug testing program.
All requirements, except DOJ backgrounds currently apply to charter party carriers thus; this bill ensures that these minimum requirements also apply to app-based carriers.

AB 612 passed the Assembly Floor, the Senate Energy, Utilities, and Communications Committee and will be considered next by the Senate Appropriations Committee. 

AB 1723 – Minimum Wage Waiting Time Penalties

This measure protects all California workers from wage theft by ensuring that the Labor Commissioner has the legal authority to also recover applicable ‘waiting time’ penalties payable for an employer’s willful failure to pay all wages due to a resigned or discharged employee when citing for a failure to pay minimum wages.

AB1723 passed the Assembly Floor, the Senate Labor and Industrial Relations Committee and will be considered next by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 1825 - LAUSD Office of Inspector General

This bill extends the sunset date on the statute authorizing the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) to January 1, 2025. The measure ensures that the LAUSD Office of Inspector General (OIG) maintains its subpoena power to compel private individuals and entities to collaborate to ensure that thorough audits and investigations are conducted in a timely manner. Absent the subpoena authority, the OIG could not effectively perform its mission and would be limited in its efforts to provide law enforcement with sufficient information to determine if a prosecution should be pursued.

AB 1825 passed the Assembly Floor, and through Senate policy committees, and will be taken to the Senate Floor for a vote in the near future.

AB 1915 - The Armenian Genocide Education Act

This measure will require the inclusion of the Armenian Genocide in the list of studied subject areas for the adopted courses of study in Social Science for 7-12. It will also encourage the incorporation of an oral history component into the teaching of human rights, and genocides, including the Holocaust, Armenian, Cambodian, Darfur, and Rwandan genocides.

AB 1915 passed the Assembly Floor, and the Senate Education Committee, and will be considered next in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 1979 - CA School Finance Authority

This bill will make several clarifying amendments to the California School Finance Authority (CSFA) Act by streamlining the process to allow CSFA to issue bonds at a notably reduced cost. Until the definition of “project” is redefined, CSFA is forced to seek outside counsel to provide issuer’s counsel opinion for bond transactions that include a reimbursement component. The rates charged by the private firms are almost three times as much as the Attorney General’s Office’s rates.

AB 1979 passed the Assembly Floor, the Senate Education Committee, and the Senate Governance and Finance Committee, and will be considered next by the Senate Appropriations Committee.

AB 2222 - Density Bonus

This measure specifies that an applicant shall not be granted a density bonus or any other incentives or concessions, unless the proposed housing development includes at least the same number of affordable units in the same or lower income category and in the same proportion as the existing development.

AB 2222 passed the Assembly Floor, and through Senate policy committees, and will be taken to the Senate Floor for a vote in the near future.

AB 2299 – Regional Center Responsibility

This measure  eliminates the 400 percent of federal poverty level (FPL) requirement and instead authorizes  regional center's to pay copayments and coinsurance on services and supports pursuant to a consumer’s individual program plan or individualized family service plan, regardless of consumer’s income level. This bill ensures that regional center families will no
longer be discouraged from obtaining insurance or forced/incentivized to drop their existing plan. AB 2299 will allow regional centers to continue to access private insurance dollars, minimizing their fiscal obligation, while still ensuring access for families.

On the Governor’s Desk: The following bills have made it to the Governor’s desk and await his signature.

AB 577 - San Fernando Valley 21st Century Transportation System

AB 577 is a district bill that will repeal AB 211 (Robbins) of 1991 and therefore, allow the installation of above-ground rail transit (LRT) along the Los Angeles Metro Orange Line. AB
577 will give locals the flexibility needed to address the growing demands of public transportation in the Greater San Fernando Valley.

By repealing the ban of light rail installation along the Orange Line, AB 577 will allow the Valley to take the first step toward a 21st Century transit system.

AB 1625 – Arts Council Contribution and Donations Fund

AB 1625 is a technical bill that will establish a continuous Special Revenue Fund within the state budget, for the California Arts Council (CAC). With this bill, the CAC can properly leverage private and public donations and more effectively finance special arts projects throughout the state.

The CAC’s ability to accept donations ensures that the agency can act swiftly in addressing new and sudden opportunities outside of its general program activity; supporting special projects and leadership initiatives that will focus on arts education and local programming.