2015-2016 Legislation

AB 5 requires the Department of Social Services (DSS) to develop regulations to authorize high school educationally-based residential programs that support and strive to achieve reunification and permanency for foster youth. The bill requires DSS to report to the Legislature on the benefits of these programs, including the rates of high school graduation; college admission; college graduation; and increased rates of family reunification or adoption.

AB 24 is a consumer protection and public safety bill to establish basic public safety standards for drivers of charter party carriers, such as limousines, buses, and transportation network companies (TNC), like Uber and Lyft. AB 24 includes three basic safety standards:

  • Department of Motor Vehicle Employer Pull Notice: The pull notice alerts employers immediately when an arrest for a DUI or a serious conviction has occurred.
  • Random Drug Testing: Participate in a drug and alcohol testing program.
  • Identifying Decal: The Transportation Network Company must register any vehicle used by the platform with the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and requires the vehicle to display a suitable PUC issued identifying symbol; ensuring greater transparency and accountability.

A series of high-profile incidents , involving TNC drivers accused of assaulting, kidnapping, drug charges, harassing and stealing from passengers has made the  issue of public safety that much more important. AB 24 will give the statutory authority needed to promote the safety of for the riding public.

AB 55 – California Arts Council Funding
AB 55 requires the state general fund investment to at least mirror individual and private contributions to the California Arts Council. Specifically, this bill requires the state’s general fund to match the amount generated from the Arts Specialized License plate and private donations.

State matching funds will provide a base level of support to the arts and restores funding the California Arts Council has lost in the last decade

AB 270 – Diabetes License Plate
AB 270 establishes a diabetes license plate, under the Department of Public Health (DPH), to fund and promote diabetes awareness, education and research.

AB 374 – Step Therapy/Fail First
AB 374 prohibits a health care service plan or insurer from applying a step therapy protocol when a patient has made a “step therapy override determination request,” if the patient's physician determines that step therapy would not be medically appropriate.

AB 428 – Seismic Retrofit Tax Credit
AB 428 establishes a 30% tax credit for qualified costs associated with Seismic Retrofit for qualified owners of an “at-risk property.” The tax credit is awarded upon completion of Seismic Retrofit. This bill promotes earthquake preparedness and safety by providing Californians with a tax incentive, to encourage the retrofit of unsafe properties.

AB 521 requires every hospital emergency department, if blood is drawn from a patient, to test for HIV. The patient must consent to HIV testing.

AB 551 – Bed Bugs
AB 551 establishes policies and procedures to address the problem of bedbugs in rental housing by:

  • Requiring a notice to be provided to new tenants.
  • Prohibits landlord from renting a unit with an active infestation.
  • Landlords are required to create a "bedbug management plan".
  • A tenant seeing/suspecting of bedbugs would be required to report to the landlord. Tenants could not be retaliated against.

AB 643 – Silver Alert
AB 643 expands the Silver Alert program to also activate an alert via Changeable Message Signs (CMS). The Silver Alert is an emergency tool used when a person over 65 years of age goes missing. By including the Silver Alert to be displayed on a CMS, California is taking all possible measures in locating a missing person.

AB 726 – Orange Line Bus Extension
AB 726 will allow the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority to operate articulated buses up to 82 feet in length along the Los Angeles Metro Orange Line. AB 726 will give MTA the flexibility needed to address the growing demands of public transportation in the Greater San Fernando Valley

AB 796 – Autism Coverage
AB 796 clarifies the definition of service provider to allow for other forms of evidence-based behavioral health treatment (BHT) that health plans and insurers must provide coverage for. This bill recognizes that there is no one size fits all BHT system for an individual diagnosed with autism.  AB 796 ensures that the children diagnosed with autism will receive insurance coverage for the type of evidence-based BHT that is right and selected for them by the medical profession that knows that child best.

AB 829 – Transparency in the USE OF GANG DATABASES
AB 829 ensures due process is afforded in the practice of including individuals in a gang database. This does not prohibit nor limit law enforcement’s use of a gang database. This bill simply allows individuals, who often times are erroneously included in a database, the opportunity to clear their name. Placement in a gang database can have drastic life-long consequences.

AB 970 protects California workers from wage theft by ensuring the Labor Commissioner has the legal authority to cite an employer:

  • For failure to pay applicable local minimum wage.
  • For failure to indemnify an employee for all necessary expenditures, incurred by the employee, directly related to his/her duties.

AB 970 promotes government efficiency in labor law enforcement, strengthens the deterrent effect of its enforcement efforts, and increases the prospect of workers recovering unpaid wages.

AB 1003 establishes an oversight board which would implement interim regulations for evaluations of Sexually Violent Predators, until that time where a special committee would make comprehensive policy recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor. This bill ensures that Sexually Violent Predators are correctly evaluated so that dangerous predators are not misdiagnosed and released, and conversely those who are not a threat to the public are not confined.

AB 1157 – Assessor's Bill
AB 1157 extends for one year the sunset date for the centralized determination of the fair market value and taxation of certificated aircraft. By extending the sunset date, this bill ensures aircraft continues to be valued uniformly and taxed efficiently throughout the state.

AB 1191 – Quimby Fees
AB 1191 allows the interest accrued on a Quimby fee, to be used for park development consistent with the Quimby Act of 1965. State statue doesn’t give clear authority for localities to use interest collected on Quimby fees for their specified purpose. As a consequence, some localities have accrued interest on these fees without being able to use them. This bill ensures that public dollars are correctly utilized for development of parks and open space.  

AB 1199 – Post Production Film Tax Credit
AB 1199 requires a qualified motion picture, in order to receive a 5% tax credit for music work, to perform at least 75% of the music work in California (CA) or at least $100,000 in qualified music expenditures must be incurred in CA.

Additionally, AB 1199 expands the definition of qualified music expenditures to include expenditures incurred for music preparation, and music editing.

AB 1199 ensures music work is done in California, which will promote production spending in the music industry, generate middle class jobs and increase tax revenues for our state.

AB 1410 encourages the divestment of Turkish bonds by California Public Retirement Systems (CalPERS) and California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS). AB 1410 continues California’s commitment to act appropriately against countries that have a record of human rights violations and undermine democracy.

AB 1440 recognizes the existence of the Brace + Bolt seismic mitigation program, and aims to expand the incentive program to qualified owners of single-family homes. This bill would give authority to the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) to expand and implement the grant program upon appropriation by the Legislature.

AJR 2 designates the year of 2015 as State of California Year of Commemoration of the Centennial Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. The resolution also calls upon the Congress and the President of the United States to recognize the Armenian Genocide.