2016-2017 Legislation

ABx1 7: Cap & Trade Transit Funding
Cap and Trade funding is available for public transit projects through two programs – the Low Carbon Operations Program (LCTOP) and the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program (TIRCP).  This bill increases investment for transit projects by adjusting  the funding percentage of these two programs.  TIRCP would increase from 10% to 20%, resulting in an additional $200 million per year.  LCTOP would increase from 5% to 10%, resulting in additional $100 million per year for the program.

ABx1 12: P3s
ABx1 12 authorizes the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LAMTA) to enter into agreements with private entities (P3s) for transportation projects in Los Angeles County, including on the State Highway System. By authorizing the LAMTA to enter into public-private partnerships we can accelerate critical transportation projects, save taxpayers money, leverage private investment and achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions at a faster rate.

ABx2 11: Cigarette & Tobacco Licensing Fee – Signed by Governor
ABx2 11 modernizes California’s Cigarette and Tobacco Products Licensing Program by updating the licensing fee imposed on retail locations, distributor and wholesaler.

AB 551: Bed Bugs
AB 551 establishes policies and procedures to address the problem of bedbugs in rental housing by:

  • Requiring a notice to be provided to new tenants.
  • Prohibits landlord from renting a unit with an active infestation.
  • Landlords are required to create a "bedbug management plan".
  • Requiring a tenant seeing or suspecting bedbugs to report to the landlord. Tenants could not be retaliated against.

AB 270: Diabetes License Plate
AB 270 establishes a diabetes license plate, under the Department of Public Health (DPH), to fund and promote diabetes awareness, education and research.

AB 796: Autism Coverage
AB 796 directs the Board of Psychology to convene a committee to develop a list of evidence-based treatment modalities for purposes of insurance coverage. The bill also extends the sunset date, to January 1, 2022, on the insurance mandate to cover autism services. This bill recognizes that there is no one size fits all treatment for an individual diagnosed with autism.  AB 796 ensures that the children diagnosed with autism will receive insurance coverage for the type of evidence-based treatment that is right and selected for them by the medical profession that knows that child best.

AB 1199: Post Production Film Tax Credit
AB 1199 requires a qualified motion picture, in order to receive a 5% tax credit for music work, to perform at least 75% of the music work in California  or at least $100,000 in qualified music expenditures must be spent  in the state.

Additionally, AB 1199 expands the definition of qualified music expenditures to include expenditures incurred for music preparation, and music editing.

AB 1199 ensures music work is done in California, which will promote production spending in the music industry, generate middle class jobs and increase tax revenues for our state.

AB 1440: Brace+Bolt
AB 1440 recognizes the existence of the Brace + Bolt seismic mitigation program, and aims to expand the incentive program to qualified owners of single-family homes. This bill would give authority to the California Residential Mitigation Program (CRMP) to expand and implement the grant program upon appropriation by the Legislature.

AB 2392: Seismic Tax Credit
AB 2392 establishes a 30% tax credit for qualified costs associated with Seismic Retrofit for qualified owners of an “at-risk property.” The tax credit is awarded upon completion of Seismic Retrofit. This bill promotes earthquake preparedness and safety by providing Californians with a tax incentive, to encourage the retrofit of unsafe properties.

AB 2399: Umbilical Cord
AB 2399 extends the sunset date on the public bank program and the additional $2 fee on birth certificates, which funds the public program. Increases awareness of the public program by expanding the number of languages provided by the CA Prenatal Screening Program.

AB 2400: Formulary Drugs
AB 2400 expedites the exception process for formulary drugs by making the process to gain access to formulary drugs and non-formulary drugs equal.

AB 2439: HIV ER Testing
AB 2439 establishes a pilot program of four hospitals to offer HIV testing to patients in the hospital’s emergency department. The patient must consent to HIV testing.

AB 2491: Keep Clear Zone
This bill makes police stations, emergency departments, and ambulance providers eligible for "keep clear" markings and limit lines in front of their driveways to prevent cars from blocking emergency vehicles. 

AB 2534: LA River Revitalization Working Group
This bill requires the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy (SMMC) to establish the Los Angeles River Regional Access and Economic Sustainability Working Group to focus specifically on the upper river in the San Fernando Valley.

AB 2556: Density Bonus Clean-Up
AB 2556 makes clarifying changes to existing law, which requires the replacement of rent-controlled units, but does not provide guidance on the rent level for those units. This bill helps to move the approval process of housing projects by providing greater clarity for developers and local governments in meeting replacement requirements.

AB 2566: Notaries
AB 2566 authorizes notaries to accept a valid consular identification and a valid passport from the applicant’s country of citizenship as proof of identity.

AB 2603: Intervenor Funds
This bill requires the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to establish a telephone contact number for consumers to communicate any concerns or complaints regarding services provided by charter-party carriers of passengers, including transportation network companies (TNCs). This bill also requires the PUC to establish guidelines on dealing with complaints.

AB 2605: Go-Biz Clean Up
This bill resolves several out of date references to the Office of Permit Assistance which previously existed within the Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency.

AB 2618: PACE Program
This authorizes a community facilities district (CFD), under the alternative and independent procedure of the Mello-Roos Act, to finance seismic safety improvements needed to bring a building to compliance with safety standards and regulations.

AB 2622: Aircraft Assessment
This bill extends for five years the sunset date for the centralized determination of the fair market value and taxation of certificated aircraft. This bill is a good government bill that allows aircraft to be taxed efficiently and in turn, translates into approximately $80 million in local property tax revenue.

AB 2650: Turkey Divestment
AB 2650 encourages the divestment of Turkish bonds by California Public Retirement Systems (CalPERS) and California State Teachers' Retirement System (CalSTRS). AB 1410 continues California’s commitment to act appropriately against countries that have a record of human rights violations and undermine democracy.

AB 2742: P3s
AB 2742 extends the authority to use public private partnership (P3s) agreements for transportation projects from 2017 to 2030. By extending this authority, AB 2742 gives California the opportunity to access private sector resources, take advantage of innovation and accelerate critically needed transportation projects in the state.

AB 2752: Continuity of Care
This bill requires a health plan/insurer to notify an enrollee or insured that the enrollee’s or insured’s drug treatment is no longer covered by the plan or policy, if that is the case. The bill also requires a health plan/insurer to include in renewal materials a notice informing the enrollee about the availability of provider directories.

AB 2770: Tobacco Licensing Program
This bill  requires the Board of Equalization to report to the Legislature on their compliance with a recent State Auditor’s recommendation to eliminate the excess fund balance in the Cigarette and Tobacco Tax Compliance Fund.

AB 2777: Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) Background Checks
AB 2777 is a consumer protection bill to ensure Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) have access to a DOJ background check for their drivers. This bill allows TNCs, if they choose to do so, the opportunity to comprehensively vet their drivers by using a DOJ- fingerprint based check.

AB 2790: Taxi
This bill requires the California Research Bureau to conduct a study on the necessity and feasibility of statewide licensure for taxicabs.