Coronavirus Resource Guide for Seniors and Vulnerable Populations

Coronavirus: California Seniors

We are all monitoring the course of the COVID-19 pandemic along with all of you.  This is an unsettling time and while this is clearly going to hit our aging and disabled population harder, it is also hardest for these populations to access and understand where to find services. Additionally, on March 31st, the State announced the launch of a hotline to deliver services and help older Californians stay connected while they stay home during the #COVID19 outbreak.

CALL 1-833-544-2374. Social isolation is real. During these trying times, it’s important to check in with our loved ones.

Stay Home. Save Lives. Check In.

All Californians are welcome to visit the newly launched site for up-to-date information:

Today is ever-changing, and as they are using all of their resources to gather their comprehensive service guide, I encourage everyone to get up-to-date information using the following links.

For provider Information, please visit:

For older adults and people with disabilities, please visit: