California Officially Proclaims First Day of Spring as Nowruz Day

For immediate release:
Adrin Nazarian

Adrin Nazarian

Assembly Bill 88 Signed by Governor Brown

(Sacramento, CA) Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 88, which proclaims the first day of spring, March 20thor March 21st, as Nowruz Day.

"California stands as a beacon of hope and acceptance for all Americans who work hard for a better life for their families," stated Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian. "Now, on the first day of spring, California will join the Persian community in wishing all of us a peaceful and prosperous Nowruz."

Nowruz (no-rooz) is a combination of two Farsi words. The first word "now" means new and the second word "ruz" means day; together the word means the "New Day," which is the name given to the New Year in the Persian calendar. Nowruz is celebrated and observed principally in Iran, but has extended to other parts of the world.

For the Persian and other communities throughout the state who observe Nowruz, it is a time to celebrate their heritage. It gives all Californians—regardless of ethnic, cultural, religious, or economic background—an opportunity to celebrate and move forward with hope for a prosperous new year. The day's focus on reconciliation and neighborliness contribute to cultural inclusiveness and cooperation among people from different backgrounds. This message of celebration and hope is especially important at a time fraught with anti-immigrant sentiment from the federal government.

The California State Legislature has celebrated Nowruz for three years.

Adrin Nazarian was born in Iran and fled during the Iran-Iraq war. He immigrated to the United States with his mother, finding prosperity and safety in the San Fernando Valley, which he now represents.