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Governor Newsom Signs Package of New Gun Laws from Legislature’s Gun Violence Prevention Working Group

New laws are the culmination of this year’s effort by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel and his colleagues to make California a national leader in gun violence prevention

SACRAMENTO — Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a package of bills championed by the Legislature’s Gun Violence Prevention Working Group. The Working Group was organized earlier this year by Assemblymembers Jesse Gabriel (D-San Fernando Valley) and Buffy Wicks (D-Oakland) and launched following a meeting with former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in February 2019. 

The signing ceremony was the culmination of a yearlong effort to advance innovative gun safety bills and create a national model for state gun violence prevention. Under the leadership of Assemblymembers Gabriel and Wicks, the Working Group welcomed Congresswoman Giffords to the State Capitol for a legislative roundtable, coordinated an ambitious legislative package, advocated for interstate coordination on gun safety measures, and represented California at the Giffords and March For Our Lives 2020 Presidential Gun Safety Forum in Nevada.

Governor Newsom Signs Legislation Establishing New Program to Protect Californians Against Hate Crimes

SACRAMENTO — Today, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill (AB) 1548 by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D-San Fernando Valley), which establishes the California State Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP) to provide security funding to nonprofit organizations at risk of hate-motivated violence.  This legislation builds upon California’s historic commitment to alloc

Governor Newsom Signs Innovative Legislation to Protect Californians at Risk of Homelessness

New law is based on research from Dr. Margot Kushel and will encourage landlords and tenants to open their homes and help those most in need remain sheltered

SACRAMENTO — Yesterday, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill (AB) 1188, an innovative measure by Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D-San Fernando Valley) that will empower landlords and tenants to provide temporary shelter to individuals at risk of homelessness. Most significantly, AB 1188 makes it easier for tenants to enter into an agreement with their landlord allowing them to temporarily house a friend or family member in need, and creates a new legal framework that will incentivize both landlords and tenants to assist persons at risk of homelessness.

AB 1188 is based on research and recommendations from Dr. Margot Kushel, a leading researcher at UC San Francisco, who has identified temporary housing with family or friends as a critical and underutilized tool in homelessness prevention, especially for vulnerable seniors. Dr. Kushel recently received a $30 million grant from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff to conduct further research on evidence-based solutions—such as those provided in this bill—that will help to prevent and end homelessness.

“Experts have told us repeatedly that keeping more folks from slipping into homelessness is the most important step we can take to address the current crisis,” said Assemblymember Gabriel. “AB 1188 will remove legal barriers and provide tenants with greater flexibility to assist friends or loved ones in a time of desperate need. Keeping folks sheltered will save lives and taxpayer resources and give the most vulnerable Californians an opportunity to regroup while searching for more stable housing.”

Hundreds of guns come into California from Nevada. Lawmakers want to stop it

Alarmed that the gun used in a mass shooting in Gilroy was bought legally in Nevada, two dozen California legislators on Wednesday asked their counterparts in the neighboring state to meet this fall to discuss strengthening restrictions on firearms.

The unusual proposal was made in a letter to Nevada State Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson, who is a Democrat, and the Democrat-controlled Legislature just weeks after a 19-year-old resident of that state opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California, killing three people and wounding 13.

“While California has enacted numerous gun safety measures, this tragedy underscores the need for California to work closely with neighboring states to close loopholes and advance common sense gun safety measures,” said the letter signed by 27 Democratic legislators including Assembly members Jesse Gabriel of Encino, Reginald Jones-Sawyer of Los Angeles and Buffy Wicks of Oakland.

Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel and Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. Vito Imbasciani Honor San Fernando Valley Military Veterans at Special Recognition Ceremony

Northridge, CA – On Tuesday, July 23, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D-San Fernando Valley) hosted a special ceremony and luncheon to recognize distinguished military veterans from across the San Fernando Valley. California Veterans Affairs Secretary Vito Imbasciani, who served in the U.S. Army for 27 years and is now the top state official for veterans’ issues, delivered the keynote address. The honorees—who span several generations and conflicts—were presented with special resolutions from the State Legislature recognizing their meritorious service in defense of our nation.
“It’s a privilege to be able to honor such an amazing group of veterans from across the San Fernando Valley,” said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. “Many of these veterans continued to serve after they hung up the uniform—as first responders, educators, volunteers, and active members of our community. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for everything they have done—and continue to do—for the San Fernando Valley and our nation.”

No one-size-fits-all solution will fix California’s affordability crisis. But here’s how we can

It’s no secret that California is facing an affordability crisis. Even with the longest economic expansion in U.S. history powering our economy, more than 40 percent of California voters say they can’t afford to live in the Golden State. For too many, the California Dream is slipping out of reach. But with targeted tax policies and increased housing production we can make a real difference for millions of Californians.

In responding to our affordability crisis, it’s vital that we address the high cost of housing. In recent years, rents have increased between 25 and 50 percent in many of our urban areas, which are already among the most expensive rental markets in the nation. And those wishing to purchase a home in California must compete in a market where the average price is more than half a million dollars. In several Bay Area counties, median home values now exceed $1.3 million.

Assemblymember Gabriel Honors New Friends Homeless Center with West Valley Nonprofit of the Year Award

Los Angeles, CA – Today, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel honored New Friends Homeless Center as Nonprofit of the Year for the 45th Assembly District. The Recognition Ceremony took place at the State Capitol in Sacramento.

In presenting a Resolution honoring New Friends founder Pastor April Belt, Assemblymember Gabriel said “It is an honor to recognize New Friends Homeless Center and Pastor April for the amazing work they do on behalf of our community.  I’ve personally witnessed their incredible efforts to uplift and care for folks in the West Valley who are experiencing homelessness.  The recent news about the devastating increase in homelessness is another reminder of why it’s so important to support New Friends and the work they are doing to help some of the most vulnerable members of our community.”