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FDA hasn't reviewed some food additives in decades

Cristina Ochoa often worries if the food she's feeding her two young kids is safe, even after carefully reading ingredient labels. 

"Some ingredients I have no idea what they are, how to pronounce them," she said. "I want the best for my children. I would think that as a society we want the best for our children." 

California Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel Introduces the Electric Vehicle Charging for All Act

Legislation Would Require EV Chargers to Include Universal Connectors, Reduce “Range Anxiety” By Enabling Drivers to Access Any Public EV Charger in the State

Last week, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel (D - Woodland Hills) announced new legislation that would address “range anxiety” and bolster consumer confidence by requiring all new and retrofitted electric vehicle (EV) chargers in California to be accessible to all types of electric vehicles. In particular, Assembly Bill (AB) 591, will mandate that all new and retrofitted EV chargers—other than those in private residences—include universal connectors and be publicly accessible to all types of EVs.

California already has nation’s strictest gun laws. Mass shootings could spur push to go further

After a deadly wave of mass shootings in the United States last year — including one in Buffalo, N.Y., and another at a school in Uvalde, Texas — that collectively killed 31, California’s Democratic-controlled Legislature responded by quickly passing more than a dozen laws meant to prevent gun violence in the Golden State.

Now, with California reeling from one mass shooting after another that claimed at least 24 lives in Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay and a Central Valley farming town, lawmakers are asking themselves once again what more they can do to stem the violence.

California is taking steps to combat disinformation. But everyone can do more

As an Arab Muslim woman teaching in California for the past decade, I have heard more hate and disinformation about my culture and faith than I care to remember.

Social media is where most disinformation starts. It spreads across California every day, ranging from conspiracy theories about climate change to rumors designed to undermine confidence in public health protections, or the hate speech that fueled the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi.  

California lawmakers pass new social media protections for minors

California lawmakers passed legislation designed to protect the privacy and well-being of minors on social media and shield them from predators and exploitative commercialization on internet platforms.
Legislators also approved a bill under which platforms including Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and Google would be required to publicly disclose their policies on how they screen content, a requirement aimed at combating the spread of hate, racism, extremist violence and conspiracy theories online.

New California law likely to set off fight over social media moderation

The law faces challenges from the tech industry, which also opposes laws in Republican-led states regulating content policing policies

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed a controversial bill into law that aims to force greater transparency of social media companies, setting up a potential battle over whether such measures violate free-speech protections.

First-of-its-kind California law would compel social media companies to disclose hate speech policies

A first-of-its-kind California bill would require social media companies to disclose their content moderation policies to the public in an effort to stem the spread of online harassment.

The bill’s author, Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel of Los Angeles, who chairs the California Legislative Jewish Caucus, said a recent committee victory was a major step toward getting the bill on Gov. Gavin Newsom’s desk. The measure passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee 9-0 on June 28 and now heads to the Appropriations Committee.

Lawmakers push for more transparency from social media companies

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KTXL) — Some state lawmakers want social media companies to be more transparent about the information pushed out on their platforms.

This comes in response to recent mass shootings and other forms of violence lawmakers say were fueled by hate online.

“Social media platforms are enabling the spread of hate, racism, extremism and violence,” Assembly Member Jesse Gabriel, D-Woodland Hills, said.

Dr. Sally Ride Memorial Highway designated as part of the 101 Freeway

Dr. Sally Ride was honored Friday when a portion of the 101 Freeway was named after the trailblazer.

A portion of the freeway will be located between Balboa Avenue and the 405 Freeway and be known as the Dr. Sally Ride Memorial Highway.

"Sally was a transformational figure who captured America's heart, inspired generations of young women and girls to follow their dreams and reach for the stars and ultimately shattered the highest glass ceiling," said Assemblymember Jesse Gabriel. 

Ride is a beloved American hero and grew up in Encino.